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Construction and Maintenance

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Construction and Maintenance

ESL is an accredited and recognised provider of OLE construction and maintenance works.

  • OLE Construction

We have undertaken installation works on a number of schemes, including the following:

    • Installation of concrete side bearing foundations, utilising the auger method and cardboard formwork to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
    • Installation of portal foundations, including in difficult locations such as within existing concrete aprons.
    • Design, manufacture and installation of pre-cast concrete foundations for use on light rail schemes.
    • Installation of OLE masts and cantilevers
    • Re-registration works
  • OLE Maintenance

We are currently the named maintainer on a number of depots within the UK and provide the following services

    • Regular visual inspections
    • Height and Stagger surveys and analysis
    • Intrusive inspections using Mobile Elevated Working Platforms
    • Adjustment and maintenance activities where required